Can’t Rollin’…

Yes, the LEGO version of BB-8 can’t rollin’ because of the stud (except if you use this crazy technique)! This is an old idea from me and I have created the similar post one year ago, but since the quality of the image is low, I had to recreate it into a high-quality and photorealistic render since it was a great meme idea.

And to get the job done, I try to edit and composite the raw image to a more realistic one. The result is worth it even though it’s just a render of a two parts figure.

Is she getting older?!

Ever wondered about your friend’s face getting older and you’re not? That’s what happened sometimes in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), there aren’t many choice of decorations or prints in that app, that’s why I created a meme of it. Sorry if it offend the LEGO company, I made this just for fun!