Need a Drink?

Need a Drink, get it on this LEGO Water Dispenser!

This model was inspired by this LEGO Water Dispenser, but I’m MOD it to make it looks like this (also more looks like in real life). The idea: When I seeing around what to make, I see a Water Dispenser, and I think “Why not build it with LEGO”. So, here is what I’ve made:

Rendered using Bluerender, and to save more time I add two view in one Render.. 😅

Does it looks like an Ape?..

Piaggio Ape is not looks like an Ape right? Ape actually means Bee, though it hardly looks as one; it was first built as a spin-off from the Vespa (wasp). However, I’ve made a LEGO version of it. It doesn’t have so many functions, just opening door, fit one minifigure in the Cabin, and you could put something on the back bed.

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