My BrickHeadz MOCs

BrickHeadz - Elvis PresleySince LEGO release a new BrickHeadz. Some peoples make a Various BrickHeadz creations (you can see here), so i want to make my own. Here is some of my MOCs based on BrickHeadz range.

Elvis Presley: BrickHeadz - Elvis PresleyI got the idea when i see this CubeDude, actually. He is not my favorite musician, even i don’t know a lot about him!

PS: This model is Unbuildable in Real Life because there are a flying bricks.

McDonald’s Ronald (not a promotion):

BrickHeadz - McDonald's RonaldI got the idea to make this by a CubeDude too (here‘s the CubeDude model). I don’t like McD actually, i just want t make something in BrickHeadz range.

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