More and more BrickHeadz MOCs!

LEGO BrickHeadz - deadmau5More and more BrickHeadz MOCs!

Actually, i want to stop make BrickHeadz and create other MOCs. But as BrickHeadz MOCing is easy and i have a request from hachiroku, so i make more BrickHeadz!

Here’s two more:

deadmau5:LEGO BrickHeadz - deadmau5This model is requested by hachiroku, you can see his post here! The mouth are actually Pearl Gold/Warm Gold, just like the real life, but the render shows like a Tan/Brick Yellow, so i changed it to Bright Light Orange/Flame Yellowish Orange as that the closer color i got.

And another DJ, Marshmello!LEGO BrickHeadz - MarshmelloI like one of his song, so i want to make the BrickHeadz Version.

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