Tiny Turbo(s) – Orcar

LEGO Tiny Turbo(s) – Orcar!

It’s a LEGO Tiny Turbo(s) car. I named it Orcar because the front shape is like a cartoon Orca and it’s a car, combine the name! The result/final name is Orcar!

These cars are actually inspired by this concept car, named “Tarantula“!

There are 3 (three) different models of the Orcar. It’s because when i was building this model(s), i confused how to make the front part perfectly rounded. After i’ve found the solution there are 3 (three) different models, so i render it with both 3 (three) models!

I never make a Tiny Turbo(s) scale MOCs, before. So this is my first Tiny Turbo(s) MOC. Hope You like it!

Bigger Picture in my Flickr!

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