Rendering LDD Model

A list of renderer that could be use for LDD (with tips and tutorial source)


As you can see all of my model are built in LDD. But if you make a model, and the picture’s just from screenshot, you don’t have many interest (except if your model are BIG, Cool!, and great editing). For now i just know and have used 3 (three) renderers (BlueRender, LDD2POVRay, and Mecabricks to Blender).

1. BlueRender

Before I could render with Mecabricks, I always use BlueRender since it’s fast, but the result isn’t satisfying.


Some parts not rendered correctly (The material and some decoration may not rendered)
No LEGO logo on studs
You can’t change the background to a picture or material. But maybe you could changed the background if you use a Photo Editing Software, but it’s not simple.

Luckily, some of that errors can be fixed if you used Bublible’s BlueRender MOD.

Tutorial Here!


I just rendered one model with this! Because in my computer it took so long (-+1 Days) with it’s regular settings.

It has so many settings.

But, you need to make sure the light strength is the just ‘perfect’, if not your render could be too shiny or too dark.

3. Mecabricks to Blender

This is my most favorite renderer. Because it doesn’t took so long (as LDD2POVRay). And you can make photo-realistic pictures instantly, many great settings (on Blender), and you can add lights into a part(s).

But it not instantly from LDD file itself, you need to import the file on Mecabricks, make sure the model is perfectly exported. Then, export it with Collada file (.dae), then just play with the settings you like!

Video Tutorial Here! And you can see render settings tips in this forum!

– Change the tire material/color to Rubber Black. If not, the tire can be shiny (like this). It applies to other Rubber material too. 😉
– And make sure you has Run the Script, if not the render will be weird (like this).
– If your model has a decoration, you can make the custom one on the Decoration folder from the File. Then, edit it with photo editing software.

You can download the file/app from the link on the ‘title’.
You can see requirements too on the link on the each ‘title’.

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