Chibi Tiny Turbo(s) Semi Truck

LEGO Chibi Tiny Turbo(s) Semi Truck by Kamal Muftie Yafi (KamalMYafi/Kamteey) |
LEGO Chibi Tiny Turbo(s) Semi Truck!

This Model (MOC) contains two Model 😜, the Truck and the Trailer. It connected by a Single 15573 Plate. So, if you make this Model in Real Life, it’s just for Display. Because, the connection between the Truck and the Trailer not Strong.

Actually i want to make this as a Chibi Truck, but it ends like Tiny Turbo(s) Truck. So i named this as “Chibi Tiny Turbo(s)” Series. 😁

Because this is kinda like Chibi, so it’s not Proportional and weird look(ed).

Well, i made this Creation (MOC) Just for Fun! That’s why i’m not so much care about the Design/Look. 😁

Hope you like it! 🙂 😜

Here on Flickr!

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