Heavily Modified 30283: Off-Road – Hummer®

LEGO Heavily Modified 30283 - Hummer® by Kamal Muftie Yafi (KamalMYafi/Kamteey) | DigiBrickz.com
LEGO Heavily Modified 30283: Off-Road to a Hummer®!

I like to create Official Sets (Also this Set) in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) (You can see it here!). But I think, why the model just sit on my Computer. So i came up with idea to make the MOD (Modification) Series. This is the one, i will post some other or you can see it on my Flickr album.

Because this is an Off-Road vehicle, why not MOD it to another Off-Road Vehicle. So i got an idea to build a Hummer®.

This is not a usual City Hummer®, i want to make it like a Sand Off-Roader or is it look like a Forrest Expedition Vehicle? 🤔

By The Way, because the vehicle is Very Compact, it’s not as long like a Hummer® (or Not Proportional).

Hope you Like it! 🙂

Here on Flickr!

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