Tiny Turbo(s) – Concept Semi Truck

LEGO Tiny Turbo(s) – Concept Semi Truck!

Well, actually i want to make a Futuristic Truck, but it’s done like a Concept Truck. Anyway, may you think this isn’t a concept too. But because this is just my idea and this model not available in Real Life, so you can call it Concept.

It’s a Concept 6 (six) Wheeled Semi Truck. The ‘window’ is different from the first version (you can see on the Bottom), it inspired by Angka’s Ramen Truck. I don’t make the Trailer, though it’s a Semi Truck (Sorry!).

The render is just weird as you may notice, because the Model reflect to the (Textured) Plane.

BTW, The first version is like this:
LEGO Concept Truck V1
But since there are no 93587 in Mecabricks and i got an Inspiration/Idea, so make the V2 (Final Model)! ↑

Hope you like it!

Bigger Picture of the Model in my Flickr!

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