New Logo of DigiBrickz!

As you can see, the old logo is such a (bad) hurry editing but that is just right, I’m too hurry to create a Logo for this Blog because I really want to add an Identity of this site quickly as possible.. 😆

New Logo
But anyway, maybe it’s been a while since the Logo updated.. But here’s an Information about it…

The idea is to make a simple logo that will give an identity of this blog.

There is (some) design of the Logo that I made for this Blog:
Logo of

Not just that, I also made an other design concept, but it’s not complete yet to post, so I just keep it..

The 1st left is Inspired by LEGO Fusion Logo (see here on bottom right), but that Logo is almost as same as Mecabricks logo. So I should create a new Logo design..

I browse on the internet for some new inspiration, so I came up with new/final design (Right). The new logo scale is not similar (scale) as LEGO bricks or plates size.. Which the meaning of that (the new logo) is, there is no limit of building in digital or virtual, you can create your own parts, stickers or decorations.

So that’s the information about the new logo. Hope you like it! 🙂
New Logo of

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