High Tech, Low Life..

The future is now, and there’s still a low life.. Sunder_59 is a great digital/virtual builder and now he have built an amazing futuristic scene, entitled “High Tech/Low Life”. The scene contains Buildings, many futuristic Vehicle, robots, there’s also a ‘Black Market’ on middle of the buildings, and many more…

The scene is just got the mix of both futuristic and low life scene. But I think he forgot to raise up the hover vehicles, so it looks like the flying vehicles just fall down.

As you can see in this scene, that even on the future there is still a ‘Low Life’ and Windows can crash.

This scene is rendered in Blender via Mecabricks. For me, I think the render scene setup is not making a huge improvement from the ‘Template’. Make sure you check out all the scene and WIP in this Album!

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