It’s Boxy, but not a bad shape for racing

February has ended, but not for FebRovery. Recently I add a photo of this creation below in FebRovery group and still can be accepted. Main idea of this model is to use a car mudguard (Design ID 98282) at that placement below. You may think of a minifig Crutch (Design ID 24077) but not that part. And to add more model for FebRovery (DUH).

The wheel of the rover not directly connected to the body of the rover, instead using an extension that can be adjusted. The rover consists some of flying or floating part, but I’m pretty sure it can be hold by gravitation if it created in real life. Sadly, it can’t fit any minifigs as a small scale rover.

Here’s a back or rear view of the rover, there’s a thruster and spoiler as a speed and aerodynamic issue.

About the render:
Rendered using Blender. The scene setup is almost same as my FebRovery Rover Van, but using a different terrain. And the scene may darker than my latest creation, that’s because I want to create the lighting as close as real space planet scene, hope that’s okay (not too dark).

If you don’t know about FebRovery, it’s an annual event on February where all builders are invited to create Rovers, inspired from LEGO Space Themes or from any Sci-Fi universes.. Make sure to check out the FebRovery Flickr group for more cool entries, or get to build your own! (If it still acceptable 😅)

That’s all, hope you like it!

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