Downhill Drifting Fun with Drift Trike

I’m in love with bike again, so I’ll do a Throwback or something like that of my old creation (not so old). It’s not regular bike, it’s a Tricycle but modified for drifting downhill. I see that using this trike is super fun, sadly I never try it.

LEGO Drift Trike by Kamal Muftie Yafi (KamalMYafi/Kamteey)

Sadly, this creation is unbuildable in real life. This creation is originally inspired by this LEGO creation and the shape was inspired by this real Drift Trike. As I like Orange, so I used it for some of my creation (also this creation). You can see more creations that I’ve built in Orange in my Flickr. This model was rendered using Bluerender.

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