Books of the past

Just read books in the library might be boring, what if it added something more about book? It could be much more interesting. So it came up as a book museum. But not seem as old as a museum to be meant. As an innovative building, this museum is environment-friendly, the whole building is powered by solar panel and on a sunny days you don’t need to power a lamp, because it has a huge windows. And not just a boxy building, I even added a little smooth shaping on the building to get even more architectural design value.

The building consist of two floors, on the first floor you can read the history, information, and fun fact of book. Then you can continue to second floor where you could read some books. There is also a unique shaped seat as a part of a unique building.

Many of mini modular building doesn’t have many functional thing, but in this model I put a removable window function where if you remove it you can see the interior of it. This is not a very useful thing, but if you want to show off your model you could close it so the building will be more clean, or just let it opened.

This model was rendered by Bublible’s Bluerender SunFlow MOD. It’s better than the original one, where this is more photo-realistic.

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