No obstacle is too hard for this truck

When you’re on a military job in the middle of nowhere, you need a huge and durable vehicle. And that’s what I made for now. A huge and durable transportation, it also packed with many unique features that specially made for that environment. The model I built is a Half-Track Truck since tank tracks really help to drive over rough terrain and I mixed it with truck which has a large capacity.

From the image above, you may already know what does the model features. There are articulated steering and rotating suspension, front pendular suspension, rear track suspension, openable bed, and interior. Though it has an interior, but it can’t fit any minifig. Beside it has so many functions, I still keep the model compact.

Many of dump trucks have a dumping function, but it doesn’t. The dumping function has been replaced by openable three side of the bed.

Lastly, I will show you how is the inside of the model. I never show how the model was made to protect my design, but for this build I offer you a cutaway view.

All-in-all, this is a very enjoyable build and render since I haven’t build creation at this size. The entire model is buildable in real life, but there are so many part with color that haven’t been produced since the color selection is unusual.

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