Bring on the gas!

Gas is an important thing for rover. Because the spacemen sure don’t want to explore the planet only by walking with their legs. And this is the job for this tanker, bring the gas to the spaceman’s base. The model is built with classic space livery, completed with red wheels and retro-futuristic look.

The actual features for this model is articulated manual steering, suspension by the rotation of ball socket connection, and fits one minifig in the cabin.

Here’s the rear view of the rover, there are some details on the back of the cabin:

About the Render:
This built is rendered using Blender and edited with Blender compositor and some Photoshop magic to add some photorealism.

This rover is built specially for FebRovery, it’s an annual event where all builders are invited to create rovers every February, inspired from LEGO Space themes or from any Sci-Fi universes.. Make sure to check out the FebRovery Flickr group for more cool entries, or get to build your own!

That’s all, hope you like it!

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